Scrub Hub East London Recipient Survey Results

by Lauren O

So if you are reading this article, you may be one of the wonderful volunteers we’ve had as part of the East London Scrub Hub journey. You may be a maker, a cutter, a sorter, a driver, or you may be one of the amazing co-ordinators / admin team that have put this mammoth effort together. You may not be one of this group but have contributed in another way, by donating money to support the cause when our NHS and Care workers needed us the most, or just by supporting and following the team directly or indirectly through this endeavour. You may even be one of the incredible NHS and Care workers that we have provided Scrubs / Gowns / Bags / Masks for. If you fit into one of the above, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU for your support and even if you don’t make one of these groups, thank you for visiting this page and taking time to learn about the efforts of the East London Scrub Hub team.

After 3 solid months of making and delivering Scrubs for local NHS and Care workers, the Scrub Hub Admin team got together on a Zoom call to catch up on progress and talk about planning our next steps. From the beginning we’d felt it was important to find out what the recipients thought of the Scrubs we’d made them and after hearing informal feedback from some of the deliveries, we took the decision to come up with a short but comprehensive survey to collect this feedback. Part of the purpose was to learn to see if we could do anything better, another part was to show the amazing Scrub Hub team what the recipients thought and the final part was to share feedback with the wonderful people who donated their money to support this project. In almost all cases, the individuals that made the scrubs never came into direct contact with the recipient and so never got to hear whether or not their work made a difference. Sending this survey out to the person who placed the original order to get their feedback was one way we could close this gap.

So the high level numbers

  • Total Orders: 181 orders
  • Total Scrubs Made: 846 sets of scrubs
  • Total Survey Responses: 53 recipients

Our first question was On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate the Scrubs we’ve made for you? and we asked people to comment on why. We’ve categorized these responses into positive, neutral and negative and tagged them with key themes around Fit, Quality and General Service of the Scrub Hub.

Some of the comments on these responses include:

“They are brilliant! So well made and much better quality than those I usually buy. It was also such a joy to have them hand delivered and know that someone has personally made them for me.”

“Medium size spot on and with proper pockets in the trousers – a revelation.”

“Durable, well-fitting and expertly made.”

Our second question linked to the first asked recipients To what extent have the scrubs we have provided you solved the issue you faced when you contacted us? and again we asked for comments for why they answered the way they did.

“I wasn’t sure if I would get any so firstly I was chuffed to receive a pair! The quality and durability of the fabric has exceeded my expectations and also the fit is better than I hoped for.”

“They were fantastic, and the fact they were made by people who care is a huge part of that.”

“I’m very tall so the scrubs provided at the hospital are never my length but these were beyond perfect for me!”

We asked the recipients to tell us what their understanding of who Scrub Hub were and how they found out about us and we were blown away by the amazing comments that accompanied this answer.

“A group of WONDERFUL volunteers who came together to organise, make and deliver scrubs for healthcare professionals during a global pandemic.”

“Volunteer sewers who have formed a network to support the provision of scrubs in the health and care sector (because our government, DoH and Organisations failed to do so adequately).”

“Lovely, giving people on whose goodwill society survives.”

“Group of incredibly skilled and generous volunteers who donate their time to help tailor scrubs, source their materials and deliver the scrubs door to door to NHS staff.”

“A group of fabulous volunteers who hold a manner of skills and great human kindness, who have supported their NHS and care staff in need.”

We then asked a set of questions about the background for why they had felt they needed to contact Scrub Hub to source their Scrubs as well as questions about affordability, the main issues they faced and sizing.

We asked Usually, are your scrubs/uniforms provided for you or do you have to source them yourself? with follow ups to give some details around why they struggled to get them.

“Scrubs were made available for all during COVID, but these ran out unless you arrived 1-2 hours before your shift. You weren’t guaranteed a set of scrubs in your size.”

“Scrubs were in very short supply during the covid pandemic so although they are provided it became extremely difficult to obtain them, as many of us who wouldn’t usually wear scrubs needed them.”

“I’m tall and the scrubs provided are never my size, these were perfect & the quality is soooo much better than the ones we are given at the hospital.”

“Difficult during the pandemic – many places had long delivery times and/or had run out.”

“During the pandemic, a set of scrubs were priced at £45+ and difficult to source scrubs to fit trouser size 26.”

“Whilst they’re affordable for me they are not affordable for my staff.”

Meeting the current demand for Scrubs and asking the recipients what they thought about the future was our next set of questions.

“It’s much better than before. The sudden change towards wearing scrubs outside of theatres in areas where people had previously worn normal clothes was one of the main reasons there was an acute shortage. Whilst things will settle there will be much more widespread use of scrubs and them being acceptable in non-traditional areas. I suspect shortages will happen again if there is another significant outbreak.”

“Yes regarding PPE, no regarding scrubs.”

“I feel that for those who wear sizes smaller than 3XL, they will be accommodated. For me, due to the shape of my lower half and the varying styles available, availability will be limited/variable.”

We then asked Do you feel there is a need for groups like Scrub Hub going forward? And the narrative on the responses was really interesting and flattering but quite worrying at the same time.

“This pandemic isn’t over yet, if it is financially viable then Scrub Hub is much needed.”

“Although there shouldn’t need to be, I think there definitely will. Particularly for community care workers who have less access to hospital scrubs.”

“Potentially yes as I and many of my colleagues are going to continue wearing scrubs and many of us prefer to keep a couple of sets which are our own. Buying them from external companies are expensive and this voluntary service with donations to subsidise costs is still useful. Potentially Scrub Hub branches could merge to have fewer branches to cover wider areas.”

Our final sections gave us some context about the work settings and departments that we catered to as part of the Scrub Hub orders as well as the Ethnicity and Gender splits of our communities.

We’d like to take this final opportunity to thank everyone who has given us this valuable feedback and say thanks once again to the Scrub Hub Team for their amazing effort through the Pandemic.

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