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As a grassroots organisation of volunteers from East London, we rely on your generousity to cover our costs. We donate our labour for free, but still need to pay for materials (fabric, elastic, waist tape etc) and transport / delivery.

Thank you for the £6,438 raised so far through our Go Fund Me page. Becase Go Fund Me charges us a percentage of the money raised, we have decided to switch to direct donations via our new PayPal account. This ensures none of your donation is wasted.

Why your donation is so important

Many health workers in Newham and East London are still lacking access to adequate PPE in their workplaces. Many staff members across various sections, wards and care facilities are desperately searching for scrubs and other protective gears. We’ve heard the stories:

  • not all hospitals and care facilities provide health workers with scrubs – some have to buy their own
  • in Covid wards, scrubs would have to be changed around ten times a day – massively increasing the demand
  • other health workers such as those in maternity wards are being de-prioritised and have no fresh pair of scrubs to wear between patients
  • social care providers are right at the bottom of the chain
  • UK distributors are having trouble sourcing stock from their usual suppliers overseas
  • even when scrubs became available on the market, the price had risen meaning a lot of health workers could not afford them

A shockingly large proportion of health workers have been contacting voluntary scrub collectives across the UK to secure scrubs for themselves and their colleagues rather than wait for the broken hospital distribution chains to be fixed. In order to keep our health workers safe, sewers in Newham and East London likewise have come together to make and distribute scrubs, disposable gowns, and washable and disposable masks to those in need. Access to PPE should be a right and not a privilege. The service we provide functions purely on a donation basis and is created by the talented hands of people in Newham, Tower Hamlets, Barking and Dagenham, and Ilford.

Although we have officially stopped taking new orders, we still have outstanding orders to fulfill. And the requests for scrubs are still coming in on a daily basis. We need all the help we can get in order to purchase materials and meet existing demands. To date we have orders for roughly 900 scrubs from about 160 health workers. We are supporting health workers living locally and those working in Newham University Hospital, NHS Nightingale at Excel, Royal London in Whitechapel as well as other hospitals, NHS and care facilities in East London.

Please donate and share widely so that we can protect our amazing nurses, doctors and social care providers.

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