Our Community

It takes a village

Like the generations before, once again we showed we are capable to rising up to the challenge of supporting our frontline workers in times of crisis. This time much was organised without the government’s involvement. That is how much we the people value our NHS and other frontline heroes who worked tiredlessly to help us get through the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic. Massive thank you to everyone who pitched in to make PPEs for our frontline workers.

Cutting & Sorting

Joanna Davies, Laura H, Piarvé W

Cutters / Patternmakers:
MAES London, Tower Garments

Quality Control:
Yin T

Cutters / Sorters:
Carmel W, Erika, Jessica M, Judith, Kim M, Laura H, Lauren O, Lucy, Lynn B, Sian L, Yin T

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